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The Leg-Up Saddle Pad is a spring loaded retractor stirrup in a non-absorbent inner orthopedic foam material. Our saddle pads will have three different colors / patterns from which to choose.

The purpose of the Leg-Up is to make mounting your horse much easier and safer regardless of height, age, weight, strength,physical condition, or and physical limitations that you might have.

The Leg-Up functions by pulling the retractable stirrup down to a convenient height from the ground. Typically the knee and hip being level which is normally 10 inches to 12 inches, the saddle stirrup is normally 34 inches to 36 inches from the ground depending on height of the horse and rider. Leg-up allows you to mount three times faster than conventional means. The Leg-Up retracts out of your way once in the saddle and the break are released.

No more 14 hand horses, ditches, rocks, stumps, or foot stools required.

Keeps you riding at additional years and at a younger age, because it allows you to mount any size horse. The most functional, creative, and advanced technology in in the horse world in 400 years since the introduction of the stirrup.

This fabulous product that is brought to you by the same people Tacky-Tack and Tacky-Too, slip resistant saddle pads.
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Patent number 7,023,366
US and international patent pending


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